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Norbroch provides expertise when security matters

We help clients protect valuable assets from highly capable adversaries. We believe that proportionate security should enable you to focus on your core business. Whether you’re looking for assistance to secure your digital and physical assets, develop bespoke software or protect your personnel and premises from terrorist attack, we can help you.

Why choose us?


Network administrators think about open ports while security guards think about open doors. We can unify your security approach.


Security must enable your organisation to perform at its best. We focus on practical and proportionate measures that will help your do your job better.


We have unique experience protecting people, premises and information from terrorism, crime and espionage.


Being experts, we’re smart enough to recognise we can’t know everything. We’ll tell you when we don’t know the answer.

How we can help you

We offer free initial advice to businesses, non-profit organisations, government departments and security professionals. We find a half-hour conversation often goes a long way to meeting potential clients’ needs. What’s in it for us? An interesting conversation at the very least and an opportunity to prove ourselves so you call us first next time.

Virtual CISO

Does your start-up or growing business need security leadership but isn't ready to hire a full-time CISO? An on-demand Virtual Chief Information Security Officer from Norbroch can help shape your strategy as well as guiding you on day-to-day issues.

Artificial Intelligence

AI systems come with all the security challenges that apply to every computer system and a lot more besides. We can help you use this powerful technology securely.

System architecture

Designing your new software product or migrating your internal systems towards a zero-trust architecture? We can help you build in security at the top level.

Bespoke software

Our UK-based staff can build what you need or help your in-house team to get the job done.

We believe that software quality and security go hand-in-hand. Our team is comfortable in a range of programming languages including C, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python and SQL though our talent really shines in declarative, strongly typed, functional languages such as Elm and Haskell.

Risk management

Not sure whether your organisation is doing enough about its security risks? We can help you understand your risks, decide how to reduce them and measure how effectively what you have chosen is working.

We favour the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a way to structure your thinking.


Is your organisation a target for state-sponsored or corporate espionage? Our team has experience in countering cyber, eavesdropping and insider attacks that are designed to go unnoticed.

We can help you understand the threat and defend against it.


The nature of your organisation may make it a target for terrorist groups or you might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most attacks involve reconnaissance and planning. We can help you improve your physical security to deter terrorists and plan what your staff will do should the worst happen.

Countering MTA

Marauding Terrorist Attack (MTA) is a form of terrorist attack that requires little in the way of resources but can be devastating. We helped the UK government write its guidance and we can help your organisation to deter would-be attackers, planning your organisation’s response and train your staff to be ready should the worst happen.


Educating your board and your staff is important in any security strategy. We can prepare and deliver training tailored to meet your needs.

Product evaluation

About to bet your business on a third-party tool? We can help you see through the marketing hype and evaluate whether it's going to work for you.

Compliance with standards

Have you just won a contract and need to prove compliance with a security standard like ISO 27001? We can help you form your security policies, procedures and practices as well as audit any system you already have in place.

We’re also experienced in writing standards should you be putting together one of your own.

Film and television

Are you filming your latest spy or crime thriller? Your audience need to believe your story to become absorbed in it.

We can help make hacking, lock-picking, phone tracking and terrorist attacks feel convincing.

Technical writing

We have a track record of writing clear and concise documents for technical and non-technical audiences.

Out of the ordinary

We are fortunate that clients trust us with interesting and esoteric projects. If you have an off-the-wall requirement, we'll be straight with you about whether we are best placed to help.

How we work

We want to deliver what you need, when you need it, without surprises. Before you decide whether to press go, for every project we write a proposal detailing:

  • what we’re going to deliver
  • when you should expect it
  • any risks to success
  • how much we expect it to cost.

Where your requirements and the approach we will take are clear, we prefer to offer a fixed price. Working on a time-and-materials basis can be better where there is less certainty or a need for more flexibility.

For all but the shortest projects we prefer to deliver in defined phases to provide everyone with the assurance that the project is on-track and provide an opportunity to change direction where needed.